Carolina Environmental Faculty


Don Lauria Don Lauria
Professor Emeritus, Environmental Sciences and Engineering,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 966-7644
Email: lauria(at)
Expertise: Water resources

Jonathan Lees Jonathan Lees
Professor and Chair, Geological Sciences,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-0695
Expertise: Geophysics; volcanology

  David Leith
Adjunct Professor, Environmental Sciences and Engineering,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: 919-966-3851
Email: david_leith(at)
Expertise: Aerosol physics and the engineering control of airborne pollutants

Christian C. Lentz Christian C. Lentz
Assistant Professor, Geography,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 843-7359
Email: cclentz(at)
Expertise: Development, state formation, nationalism, nature-society relations, agrarian studies, Southeast Asia

Paul Leslie Paul Leslie
Professor, Curriculum for the Environment and Ecology,
Professor and Chair, Anthropology,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-1564
Email: pwleslie(at)
Expertise: Human ecology; population biology

T. William Lester T. William Lester
Assistant Professor, City and Regional Planning,
Faculty Fellow, Institute for the Environment,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: 919.962.3512
Email: twlester(at)
Expertise: Bill Lester is an Assistant Professor at DCRP specializing in economic development. His research focuses on the role of labor market institutions in fostering greater equity at the urban and metropolitan scales. His is an expert on the impact of minimum wage and living wage policies on urban economic development.

Thomas Linden Thomas Linden
Glaxo Wellcome Distinguished Professor of Medical Journalism, School of Media and Journalism,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-4078
Email: linden(at)
Expertise: Environmental television journalism

  Niels Lindquist
Professor, Institute of Marine Sciences,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (252) 726-6841
Email: nlindquist(at)
Expertise: Secondary metabolite in marine organisms as chemical defenses against environmental stressors

Cathy Lohmann Cathy Lohmann
Lecturer, Biology,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-2536
Email: clohmann(at)
Expertise: The sensory biology, behavior, neuroethology, and evolution of marine animals.

Kenneth Lohmann Kenneth Lohmann
Charles P. Postelle, Jr. Distinguished Professor, Biology,
Western Carolina University
Phone: (919) 962-1332
Email: klohmann(at)
Expertise: The sensory biology, behavior, neuroethology, and evolution of marine animals.

Dana Loomis Dana Loomis
Associate Professor, Epidemiology,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 966-7433
Email: dana_loomis(at)
Expertise: Environmental epidemiology; exposure assessment

John Lott John Lott
Adjunct Professor, Kenan-Flagler Business School,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-0783
Email: john_lott(at)
Expertise: Sustainable enterprise

Adam Lovelady Adam Lovelady
Assistant Professor, School of Government,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: 919-962-6712
Email: adamlovelady(at)
Expertise: Zoning, subdivision regulation, and other land-use controls; city and county planning; environmental protection; transportation; historic preservation

Nichola Lowe Nichola Lowe
Associate Professor, City and Regional Planning,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 843-2319
Email: nlowe(at)
Expertise: Dr. Lowe's research focuses primarily on local economic development and adjustment in the North American context.

Rick Luettich Rick Luettich
Director, Institute of Marine Sciences,
Sewell Family Term Distinguished Professor of Marine Sciences, Institute of Marine Sciences,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (252) 726-6841, ext.137
Email: rick_luettich(at)
Expertise: Circulation and transport in coastal waters; storm surge and coastal hazard modeling

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