Carolina Environmental Faculty


Jackie MacDonald Gibson Jackie MacDonald Gibson
Associate Professor, Environmental Sciences and Engineering,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: 919-966-7892
Email: macdonaj(at)
Expertise: Environmental contamination and risk reduction

Barbara MacGregor Barbara MacGregor
Research Assistant Professor, Marine Sciences,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919)-843-5045
Email: bmacgreg(at)
Expertise: Microbial diversity/function

  Douglas MacKay
Assistant Professor, Public Policy,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962.1600
Email: dmackay(at)
Expertise: Social and political philosophy, bioethics, ethics, philosophy of law, environmental ethics

Doug MacLean Doug MacLean
Professor, Philosophy,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 843-4500
Email: maclean(at)
Expertise: Environmental ethics; environmental risk management

Adrian Marchetti Adrian Marchetti
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Curriculum for the Environment and Ecology,
Assistant Professor, Marine Sciences,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 843-3473
Email: amarchet(at)
Expertise: Phytoplankton ecophysiology and molecular biology

Christopher Martens Christopher Martens
Distinguished Professor, Marine Sciences,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-0152, ext.141
Email: cmartens(at)
Expertise: Geological oceanography; carbonates; sea level; reefs

Noreen McDonald Noreen McDonald
Assistant Professor, City and Regional Planning,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-4781
Email: noreen(at)
Expertise: Transportation policy, school travel, physical activity, transportation and land use, school transportation, school siting.

Brent McKee Brent McKee
Mary and Watts Hill Jr. Distinguished Professor, Marine Sciences,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 843-3604
Email: bamckee(at)
Expertise: The overarching focus of my research is on land-ocean interactions and global change. I am interested in the role of Major Rivers (Amazon, Changjiang, Huanghe, Orinoco, Danube, Columbia, Mississippi) in global biogeochemical cycles and global change because rivers are the primary interface between continental and oceanic environments and play a critical role in global cycles such as carbon.

Tim McKeown Tim McKeown
Professor, Political Science,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-0399
Email: tim_mckeown(at)
Expertise: International environmental politics

Rich McLaughlin Rich McLaughlin
Professor, Mathematics,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-9816
Email: rmm(at)
Expertise: Fluid dynamics, turbulent transport

David McNelis David McNelis
Director, Center for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economic Development,
Research Professor Emeritus, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Institute for the Environment,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Adjunct Professor, Nuclear Engineering,
NC State University
Phone: (919) 966-9923
Email: mcnelis(at)
Expertise: Conventional, alternative and nuclear energy systems and technology; nuclear fuel cycle; nuclear non proliferation and transmutation

Michael Meredith Michael Meredith
Assistant Professor, Kenan-Flagler Business School,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Email: michael_meredith(at)
Expertise: Communication, Corporate social responsibility, e-business, e-commerce, leadership, media-financial markets, sales force management, social media, social networks

Thomas Meyer Thomas Meyer
Arey Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Chemistry,
Director, Energy Frontier Research Center,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 843-8312
Email: tjmeyer(at)
Expertise: Solar photochemistry and artificial photosynthesis, fuel cell electrodes, national energy and environmental policy

Alexander Miller Alexander Miller
Assistant Professor, Chemistry,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: 919-962-4618
Email: ajmm(at)
Expertise: Energy Catalysis, Synthetic Organometallic Chemistry, Metal-Ligand Cooperation

Casey Miller Casey Miller
Okun Distinguished Professor, Environmental Sciences and Engineering,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 966-1024
Email: casey_miller(at)
Expertise: Groundwater hydrology.

Laura Miller Laura Miller
Associate Professor, Biology, Mathematics,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 843-4557
Email: lam9(at)
Expertise: fluid dynamic environment of organisms as they grow or shrink in size over evolutionary or developmental time

Ben Mirus Ben Mirus
Assistant Professor, Geological Sciences,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-0675
Email: mirus(at)
Expertise: I am interested in how water moves through the physical environment, particularly in the context of understanding landscape evolution processes and assessing water resources availability. I use a variety of hydrological measurements and numerical modeling techniques to address compelling problems in environmental science. My research focuses primarily on characterizing and quantifying hydrological processes in the variably-saturated near surface from the pore to the watershed scale.

Charles Mitchell Charles Mitchell
Assistant Professor, Curriculum for the Environment and Ecology,
Associate Professor, Biology,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 843-7745
Email: mitchell(at)
Expertise: Disease ecology; global change; biological invasions

Aaron Moody Aaron Moody
Associate Professor, Geography,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-5303
Email: aaronm(at)
Expertise: Aaron Moody is an environmental geographer with training in biogeography, ecosystem ecology, remote sensing, and statistics. His research addresses socio-environmental systems, emphasizing biological conservation, diversity, and system sustainability, and with particular focus on forested ecosystems and island systems.

Jill D. Moore Jill D. Moore
Associate Professor, School of Government,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: 919-966-4442
Email: moore(at)
Expertise: Public health law, including local public health agency organization and governance; powers and duties of local boards of health and local health directors; public health remedies, communicable disease control and immunizations; environmental health; medical confidentiality; smoking regulations; legal issues associated with health department clinical patient care, with a focus on medical treatment of minors.

Laura Moore Laura Moore
Associate Professor, Curriculum for the Environment and Ecology, Geological Sciences,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: 919-962-5960
Email: laura.moore(at)
Expertise: Large-Scale Geologic and Modern Evolution of Coastal Environments.

David Moreau David Moreau
Research Professor, City and Regional Planning,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-4756
Email: dmoreau(at)
Expertise: Analysis, planning, financing, modeling, policy and evaluation of water and related environmental programs

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