Carolina Environmental Faculty


Hans Paerl Hans Paerl
Professor, Environmental Sciences and Engineering,
William R. Kenan Professor, Marine Sciences,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (252) 726-6841, ext.133
Email: hpaerl(at)
Expertise: Freshwater and marine microbial ecology, nutrient cycling, water quality and algal bloom dynamics

Tamlin Pavelsky Tamlin Pavelsky
Associate Professor, Geological Sciences,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-4239
Email: pavelsky(at)
Expertise: The intersections between hydrology, satellite remote sensing, and climate change.

James Peacock James Peacock
Kenan Distinguished Professor, Anthropology,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 966-4106
Email: peacock(at)
Expertise: International ecology

David Peden David Peden
Professor, Microbiology and Immunology,
Senior Associate Dean for Translational Research, School of Medicine,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 966-0768
Email: david_peden(at)
Expertise: Air pollutants; respiratory disease

Robert Peet Robert Peet
Professor, Biology,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-6942
Email: peet(at)
Expertise: Plant community & population ecology; biogeography; ecoinformatics

Charles Peterson Charles Peterson
Distinguished Professor, Marine Sciences,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (252) 726-6841, ext.130
Email: cpeters(at)
Expertise: Marine ecology; population & community processes

Frederic Pfaender Frederic Pfaender
Professor Emeritus, Environmental Sciences and Engineering,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 966-3842
Email: gregdad(at)
Expertise: Microbial ecology, nutrient exchanges in rivers & estuaries

David Pfennig David Pfennig
Professor, Curriculum for the Environment and Ecology,
Zachary Taylor Smith Professor, Biology,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-6958
Email: dpfennig(at)
Expertise: Evolutionary ecology

Karin Pfennig Karin Pfennig
Associate Professor, Biology, Curriculum for the Environment and Ecology,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 843-5590
Email: kpfennig(at)
Expertise: Behavioral ecology & evolution; host-parasite interactions

John Pickles John Pickles
Chair, Geography, Geography,
Earl N. Phillips Distinguished Chair of International Studies, Geography,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-3919
Email: JPickles(at)
Expertise: Science, nature, and society; theories of nature; mapping and nature; technologies of representation

Michael Piehler Michael Piehler
Associate Professor, Institute of Marine Sciences,
Director of Graduate Studies, Curriculum for the Environment and Ecology,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Program Head, Estuarine Ecology and Human Health,
UNC Coastal Studies Institute
Phone: (252) 726-6841 x160
Email: mpiehler(at)
Expertise: Piehler's research is focused on the coastal land water margin. He is interested in primary productivity and nutrient cycling in shallow coastal ecosystems and understanding the impacts of human activities on these processes.

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