Carolina Environmental Faculty


Cynthia Radding Cynthia Radding
Gussenhoven Distinguished Professor of Latin American Studies, History,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-5057
Email: radding(at)
Expertise: The intersections between environmental and ethnographic history

  Arcot Rajasekar
Professor, School of Information and Library Science,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 966-3611
Email: rajasekar(at)

Johnny Randall Johnny Randall
Adjunct Faculty, Curriculum for the Environment and Ecology,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-0522
Email: jrandall(at)
Expertise: Conservation Biology, Restoration Ecology

Peter Redfield Peter Redfield
Associate Professor, Anthropology,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 843-7807
Email: redfield(at)
Expertise: Science, technology, and society; ecology and colonial history; transnational and non-governmental organizations

Seth Reice Seth Reice
Associate Professor Emeritus, Biology,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-1375
Email: sreice(at)
Expertise: Biodiversity, community structure, interactions between disturbance and spatial heterogeneity

Jose Rial Jose Rial
Professor, Geological Sciences,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 966-4553
Email: jose_rial(at)
Expertise: Abrupt climate change, paleoclimatology, computer simulations of past and future climates. Greenland's ice sheet rapid response to global warming. Seismic monitoring of the Jakobshavn glacier. Energy resources and the global energy crisis. Geology and geopolitics of fossil fuels. Energy depletion and global climate change.

David Richarson David Richarson
Associate Professor, Epidemiology,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: 919-966-2675
Email: david.richardson(at)
Expertise: Occupational epidemiology, environmental epidemiology, radiation epidemiology, and injury epidemiology

Justin Ries Justin Ries
Adjunct Associate Professor, Geological Sciences,
Assistant Professor, Marine Sciences, Marine Sciences,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-0269
Email: jries(at)
Expertise: Global climate change; Paleoceanography; Paleobiology; Carbonate sedimentology; Carbon/Sulfur isotope geochemistry; Biomineralization; Carbon sequestration.

Diego Riveros-Iregui Diego Riveros-Iregui
Assistant Professor, Geography,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-6814
Email: diegori(at)
Expertise: Ecohydrology, watershed hydrology, biogeochemistry, land-atmosphere interactions, tropical hydrology, climate and land use/land cover change

Antonio Rodriguez Antonio Rodriguez
Professor, Institute of Marine Sciences,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (252) 726-6841 ext. 140
Email: abrodrig(at)
Expertise: Dr. Rodriguez's research interests focus on coastal geology with emphasis on environmental response to sea-level rise, climate change, and land-use change at decadal, centennial, and millennial time scales.

Daniel Rodriguez Daniel Rodriguez
Director, Center for Sustainable Community Design,
Distinguished Professor, City and Regional Planning,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 962-4763
Email: danrod(at)
Expertise: Transportation policy, transit planning and strategy, urban spatial structure, land development, transportation and individual behavior, transportation systems, travel behavior, land use planning and urban development

Johanna Rosman Johanna Rosman
Research Assistant Professor, Institute of Marine Sciences,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (252) 726-6841
Email: jrosman(at)
Expertise: Environmental fluid mechanics, shallow water physical oceanography, and physical-biological interactions in marine systems

Ivan Rusyn Ivan Rusyn
Professor, Environmental Sciences and Engineering,
UNC-Chapel Hill
Phone: (919) 843-2596
Email: iir(at)
Expertise: Environmental agent-related organ injury and carcinogenesis

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