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Supporting the Institute

As we enter the 21st century, human civilization's potential has never been greater. Our rapidly developing, technologically based society offers the possibility of a standard of living that we could only imagine fifty years ago. But our prosperity has not come without a price. The rapid growth of the world's population and an increasing demand for consumable goods and services are depleting the planet's natural resources and placing stresses on the quality of human life and our environment. It is clear that we must find ways to protect human and ecosystem health and encourage a higher standard of living for all people while also safeguarding the world's natural treasures. Our goal must be a society built on the principles of conservation and pollution prevention, not waste and after-the-fact cleanup, while maintaining necessary economic and social values. This is the goal of sustainable development and the pathway of the students that the University of North Carolina must prepare for the future. To make a gift to the Institute through the web, visit Making a Gift to the Institute. If you have questions about gifts to the program you may contact the Institute's development staff.