Hydraulic fracturing

With recent information from the N.C. Geological Survey suggesting that North Carolina may have extensive natural gas underlying the Deep River geologic basin, which extends from Granville County southwestward across several central NC counties and in to South Carolina, North Carolinians have raised many concerns and questions. Landowners, business owners, and citizens alike want to understand how land leases work, what economic benefits their communities may receive, and whether they can expect other impacts on their communities, including any potential environmental impacts of natural gas production using hydraulic fracturing. The Institute hopes to begin to provide as much non-biased information as possible on hydro-fracking so that members of our communities can gain a better understanding of all of the potential risks and rewards of natural gas production from hydro-fracking in our state. Please continue to check our website for new information such as studies, news, and proposed state policy as they becomes available.


NC state government reports

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Durham Environmental Affairs Board study on potential environmental impacts of fracking